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Model: A9R71440
Type: RCCB
Category: Circuit Breaker
Brand: Schneider
Size & Color: 4P 40A, WHITE
Brand Origin: Germany



    A9R71440 This Acti9 iID is a modular and reliable residual current circuit breaker (RCCB). It is a 4P circuit breaker with In rated current of 40A, AC type protection class and a 30mA earth leakage sensitivity. This product protects against electrical shock by direct or indirect contact and fire hazards. It performs the function of disconnection of electrical circuits in case of earth fault. Its unique Visitrip indicator reduces intervention time by showing the faulty device with a mechanical indicator on front face. This product also has a VisiSafe window with a green strip on the toggle indicating full opening of the poles allowing downstream maintenance This product is compliant with EN/IEC 61008-1 standard. The (Im/IΔm) rated breaking and making short circuit capacity is 1500A. The (Inc/IΔc) conditional rated short circuit current is 10kA. The electrical endurance is up to 15000 cycles. The mechanical endurance is up to 20000 cycles. The Ue operational voltage is 380VAC to 415VAC. The Ui rated insulation voltage is 500VAC. The Uimp rated impulse withstand voltage is 6kV. The frequency is 50Hz or 60Hz. It is DIN rail mountable. The width in 9mm pitches is 8. The product colour is white (RAL9003). The dimensions are (W) 72mm x (H) 91mm x (D) 73.5mm. The weight is 0.37kg. It has an IP20 degree of protection. It becomes IP40 once in modular enclosure according to IEC/EN 60529 standard. The operating temperature is from -5°C to 60°C. The storage temperature is from -40°C to 85°C.

    Range :- Acti9
    Product name :- Acti9 iID
    Product or component type :- Residual current circuit breaker (RCCB)
    Device short name :- iID
    Poles description :- 4P
    Neutral position :- Left
    [In] rated current :- 40 A
    Network type :- AC
    Earth-leakage sensitivity :- 30 mA
    earth-leakage protection time delay :- Instantaneous
    Earth-leakage protection class :- Type AC
    device location in system :- Outgoer
    Network frequency :- 50/60 Hz
    [Ue] rated operational voltage :- 380…415 V AC 50/60 Hz
    Residual current tripping technology :- Voltage independent
    Rated breaking and making capacity :- Idm 1500 A
    :- Im 1500 A
    Rated conditional short-circuit current :- 10 kA
    [Ui] rated insulation voltage :- 500 V AC 50/60 Hz
    [Uimp] rated impulse withstand voltage :- 6 kV
    Contact position indicator :- Yes
    control type :- Toggle
    Mounting mode :- Clip-on
    mounting support :- DIN rail
    9 mm pitches :- 8
    height :- 91 mm
    Width :- 72 mm
    Depth :- 73.5 mm
    Net weight :- 0.37 kg
    Colour :- White
    Mechanical durability :- 20000 cycles
    Electrical durability :- AC-1: 15000 cycles
    Locking options description :- Padlocking device
    Connections – terminals :- Single terminal top or bottom 1…35 mm² rigid
    :- Single terminal top or bottom 1…25 mm² flexible
    :- Single terminal top or bottom 1…25 mm² flexible with ferrule
    Wire stripping length :- 14 mm for top or bottom connection
    Tightening torque :- 3.5 N.m top or bottom
    Standards :- EN/IEC 61008-1
    Product certifications :- SNI
    IP degree of protection :- IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
    :- IP40 (modular enclosure) conforming to IEC 60529
    Pollution degree :- 3
    Electromagnetic compatibility :- 8/20 µs impulse withstand, 250 A conforming to EN/IEC 61008-1
    Ambient air temperature for operation :- -5…60 °C
    Ambient air temperature for storage :- -40…85 °C
    Packing Units
    Unit Type of Package 1 :- PCE
    Number of Units in Package 1 :- 1
    Package 1 Height :- 7.5 cm
    Package 1 Width :- 8.3 cm
    Package 1 Length :- 10 cm
    Package 1 Weight :- 363 g
    Unit Type of Package 2 :- S03
    Number of Units in Package 2 :- 27
    Package 2 Height :- 30 cm
    Package 2 Width :- 30 cm
    Package 2 Length :- 40 cm
    Package 2 Weight :- 10.262 kg
    Unit Type of Package 3 :- P12
    Number of Units in Package 3 :- 216
    Package 3 Height :- 50 cm
    Package 3 Width :- 80 cm
    Package 3 Length :- 120 cm
    Package 3 Weight :- 94.304 kg


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