Switch Flex Outlet

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Model: Seera CPC017
Size & Colour: 86×86, White
Brand Origin: United Kingdom
Product Series: Click


SKU 1152
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    Seera Flex Outlet Plates with Cable Flex Outlet Supplied by Scolmore International Limited Seera Flex Outlet Plates with Cable Flex Outlet are stylish wiring accessories products for domestic and commercial use. These are designed to provide a competitive, cost-effective, equivalent range of white molded accessories with a sleek, slim design creating a modern aesthetic. Manufactured from polycarbonate with reinforced interior plates to ensure every product is robust, strong, durable and UV stabilized so that signs of aging are not a problem. Additional Features: Fixing Centres: 120.6mm (Vertical) Torque Value: 1.8Nm; 2.5Nm Terminal Capacity: 6mm²; 10mm² Cord Grip Anchorage: 14mm²; 10mm² Cable Outlet Dimensions: 10mm x 10mm: 18.5mm x 20mm


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