AED 308.00

Packing: 1 Nos (1 Pieces Per Unit)


Click Grid Pro 6Module Universal Yoke GR20600 Universal Yoke for 6Modules. Simply snap of the tabs to allow the yoke to fit within the back box Galvanised Construction Click Scolmore's DPSS20518 has been designed to work with the new GridPro modules that feature a convenient clip feature allowing for speedy installation of modules into the yoke frames required by larger front plates. The GridPro modules do not require a special Back Box and can be used with standard BS4662 back boxes. Click WA20518 56mm Deep Kock Out Box for 18 Way Tier Plates Only This plate can also be used with the new 18 Gang Grid Pro front plates Dimensions 137mm x 197mm Click Scolmore's GM2001PWSS features large filleted terminal cable entry holes and backed off captivated terminal screws for ease of assembly. The modules come with a screwdriver guide to ensure the screwdriver easily locates the terminal screw head to clamp the cable into position. All of the modules feature screw fittings that can be used to fit the modules to the 1-4 gang front plates without the need for a yoke. They also feature clips at the top and bottom of the module to allow for an easy installtion into larger front plates that do require the use of a yoke.


Universal 6 Module GridPro Yoke
Universal Yoke: For 6 Modules
Dimensions: 190mm (W) x 60mm (H) x 8mm (D)
Back Box Fixing Centers: 120.6mm
Plate Fixing Centers: 107mm
Manufactured: From Galvanized Steel
DPSS20518 Stainless Steel Deco Plus Decorative GridPro 18 Gang Front Plate
No.Gang: 18 Gang Grid Pro Front Plate
Color: Stainless Steel 
Yoke: 3x Grid Yokes GR20600 (sold separately)
Metal Back Box: WA20518 (sold separately)
Dimensions: 207 x 198 x 8mm
Anti Microbial Certified Product

18 Gang Flush Mounted Back Box - 56mm Deep

Dimensions: 197 x 185 x 56mm
Material Composition Back Box: Galvanized Steel Earth Terminal: Brass
Back Box Depth: 56mm
Back Box Fixing Centers: 120.6mm
Knockout Size: 20mm Knockouts, 4 on the back, 1 on the top, 1 on the bottom and 1 on the side. 25mm Knockouts, 1 on the top, 1 on the bottom and 1 on the side.
20A X 1Way Switch Stainless Steel Finish
Rating: 20AX, 1 way
IP Rating: IP20
Module insert and finish: SS
Dimensions: 24.5 x 50mm
Back box depth: 25-47mm
Suitable for cables sizes: 2 x 4mm, 3 x 2.5mm x 1 x 6mm


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